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2017 – Our Plans!

I have been evaluating plans for 2017. Last year was very exciting, and I’m thinking this one will be just as exciting if not more. Here I have provided several of the current goals and plans for this year. I hope supporters will stick with us as we try to make this a long-lasting game company.

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Guest Blog: My 2016 Experience with BG

Branum Games is an amazing company to work for.  In the past year I have helped test games, given input on production, and attended many conventions.  The company has also helped me to travel.  I have also learned some of the inner workings of a game company. Prior to working with Branum Games, I had

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Guest Blog: Holiday Party Review

The first annual Branum Games Holiday Party was held on December 12th. It was hosted at The Spaghetti Factory in Chandler, AZ and brought together the founder, GM’s, game reviewers, and artists, most of whom hadn’t met previously. I didn’t really know what to expect because this was the first Branum Games Holiday Party, and

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Parks! Published!

I published parks on this date because it is complete except for a few graphic art design details, and I made the promise to publish a copy on this date. I plan to update the graphic design but I am not yet sure how I want it to look. I am occasionally considered stubborn for doing

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Sale for Supporters!

THIS WEEK ONLY! SALE FOR BATTLE GNOMES SUPPORTERS! We have a sale available for anyone who uses a promotional code for the company of one of our backers! Quickie Tie-Down Enterprises, LLC KLDT Products is happy to represent Quickie Tie-Downs and LoadTamer Cargo Nets exclusively on  These products are of the highest quality and

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Book Collectors

Today was the publishing of Book Collectors! You can find it on the Game Crafter. It’s a game about book collecting and trading. These are actual, valuable books that would be of interest to those who are bibliophiles, or book collectors. Those who enjoy books or set collection games will enjoy it immensely. The component

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Kickstarter Success!

Battle Gnomes was a success – we funded and are eagerly looking forward to getting the backers their specialty items. Some items will never be seen after the first production run, making them special for the backers. That’s great though, I think the backers deserve that. These are the folks who supported me the most

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Nocturnes Published!

We have published our spooky, Halloween thematic game, Nocturnes! It is a game about going insane (or rather, trying to avoid it). Good news though, you can drive your friends insane with terrifying nightmares! Or at least, that’s part of the goal. Because it is so applicable to the dark, scary themes of Halloween, I

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This is an interruption of Battle Gnomes the Kickstarter! We are publishing the game Nocturnes. Now, we decided after the first two weeks of the Kickstarter to publish it through the Game Crafter INSTEAD of doing another Kickstarter, which at first glance may not make perfect sense. But let me explain. I wanted it to

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Kickstarter Progress

We are officially on Week 2 of the Kickstarter! We’re currently 96% funded. I have finished the updates for submitting to manufacturing and have got no new suggestions yet from the backers about changes. I am going to restrict one of the levels; I should have done that pre-launch by limiting the number allowed, but changes

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One Week to Kickstarter!

One Week Countdown Promotion We’re now at 6 days away from the Kickstarter launch. I’ve submitted some edits to the game, but every time I work on it I think of the amount of time spent on promoting the game, running demo events, and setting up the Kickstarter. I’ve spent so much time and energy

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GenCon 2016!

I got home from GenCon last night. It is definitely the biggest gaming event I have ever attended! I went about ten years ago, and it has only gotten larger! This time, I went with Justin Pottenger as support. We took a late Wednesday night flight which arrived the next morning. We showed up at around

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Game Depot – Guest Blog

Denise MacIntyre I ran the Game Depot gaming event for Tiffany Branum because she was out of town. Ran meaning that I asked other GMs to show up and help play games.  I also picked up the game and swag supplies (buttons and lip balm) and set up the table. The store hours are 10-7

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I read a book

So lately, a lot of what I’ve been doing includes research. That’s been for the last year, but it just occurred to me that I have no idea how many hundreds of articles I’ve read and videos I’ve seen so far. I still glean new things, so that’s important. Since the updates from the last blog,

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Sweeping changes

Sometimes in my games I have to make sweeping changes. It’s tricky to do too much at once because any one thing that gets modified requires the remaining components to still be consistent and work with that card or rule. Avoiding contradictory cards/rules is one of the more challenging pieces of designing the game elements. Still, I

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Phoenix Comicon!!!

THE BIG SHOW!   Seriously, in my brain, this was THE big show!! My local, huge convention with a large gaming area and lots of people I know. SO! The night before the big show comes and I gather up all three different kinds of ribbons, all of the buttons, there were about a dozen

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Phoenix Comicon planning

I wanted it to be a huge showing. I knew so many people involved in the show itself and that would be attending. This is my home base. To not do well would be like a politician losing their home state – not good, not good at all! This is the crowd that should want

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Event Dates: May 27th-30th I decided to go to Gamex, a Strategicon event, after talking to a friend who offered an assistance in introducing me to folks out there. I did this when I was also preparing for LVL Up Expo and looking for any game exposure I could get before Phoenix Comicon. Fortunately, this

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Going out and promoting

The last few weeks have been an interesting, and important, learning experience for me. My intention has been to go to various events and, potentially with other GMs, show people how to play the game(s). Run a game for them. Right now, Battle Gnomes is the star of Branum Games until the Kickstarter goes through.

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LVL Up Expo – Las Vegas

May 14th-15th, Cashman Center, Las Vegas   LVL Up is a Las Vegas gaming convention but I was in such a rush to go to cons for exposure for the original Kickstarter date (now postponed). I thought it would be good to go to, the website said there were card games and it was within

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First podcast and progress

Been a long two week since I posted something! I’m trying to keep up on the blog, but it’s hard to do when much of my progress is “Oh, I made that a stronger rule” or “that feedback was great, changing this piece of the puzzle.” Also, delays. Everything about this process takes longer than

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Right now I’m focused on setting up timelines for things. That includes timelines for promoting the game in various ways, online and at specific local events. The biggest upcoming event that I’ve been preparing for is Phoenix Comicon. I have 5 Game Masters running my games at the show, so I am taking time out

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Social media

March 28th. Yesterday I was able to meet with two successful game designers, Ian and Patricia Stedman from Magic Meeple Games. They were kind enough to provide lots of advice and support for what I’m doing. I’ve been able to meet with a handful of people in the community these last several months and am

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The progression of prototypes

March 21 2016 I went back to read my blog and noticed some holes on the timeline. I want to fill in some blanks on the game process regarding the prototypes. First, the prototype is just a nice version of something already made. The game creation portion for these games was completed last year. The

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Battle Gnomes is submitted!

March 19th   Listening to Billy Joel’s Piano Man as I submit my Battle Gnomes prototype. Of course I think “this is a blogging moment.” I’m so excited and relieved to finally submit it after all the delays. There are several parties tonight, but I’m not feeling like going out. I know I need to

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The good luck holiday

March 17th   It’s St. Patrick’s Day and that’s cool. It doesn’t really feel like a holiday and I’m definitely more interested on what I’m doing. I haven’t submitted Battle Gnomes for a prototype yet, so that’s my main focus today. I have everything done but now it’s time to do another read through on

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Prototype submission

March 13th   This will be the fourth time I’ve submitted a game for a prototype and I’m noticing that each time I get nauseated from anxiety. Once the submission is in I feel good, but the hours leading up to submission, when I’m combing through the details, I feel major anxiety. I go back

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Nocturnes and Battle Gnomes

March 12th   I played a few games of Nocturnes with friends the other day. There was a lot of laughing and it was fun. For such a dark game, it had surprisingly funny moments throughout. It’s great seeing people’s reaction to the description of the game and to the game itself.   This week,

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Starting a blog and the Nocturnes prototype has arrived

March 5, 2016   Day 196. Sort of, not really. That’s how long ago I quit my job to make games. I’ve been wanting to make them for years and had put together different ideas. In the last year, I got  serious about it. Initially it was considered more as a cute idea by people

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Rules added for Nocturnes!

As we move along in game development, we have now posted the rules for Nocturnes on the Nocturnes page in PDF format. Take a look and learn about the game. We hope you enjoy it once ready!   Update: The rules have since been removed in favor of a description of the game.

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Check out our 2016 premiere game, Battle Gnomes!