Previous Events

For reviews on past events, check out the blog. Most events will have a review dedicated to them.

Previous Events:

Metatopia – Morristown, New Jersey 2017
RinCon – Tucson, Arizona 2017
WashingCon – Washington DC, 2017
SabotenCon – Phoenix, Arizona 2017
Game on Expo – Phoenix, Arizona 2017
MaricopaCon – Phoenix, Arizona 2017
WesterCon /LepreCon/CONflagration – Tempe, Arizona 2017
Phoenix Comicon – Phoenix, Arizona 2017
Tabletop Day at IO – Glendale, Arizona 2017
OrcCon – Los Angeles, California 2017
Keen Halloween – Phoenix, Arizona 2016
SabotenCon – Phoenix, Arizona 2016
MaricopaCon – Phoenix, Arizona 2016
GenCon – Indianapolis, Indiana 2016
Phoenix Comicon – Phoenix, Arizona 2016
Gamex – Los Angeles, California 2016
LVL Up – Las Vegas, Nevada 2016
DevCon – Phoenix, Arizona 2016

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