Phoenix Fan Fest

Phoenix Fan Fest

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Phoenix Comicon has changed its name to Phoenix Fan Fest. Once again, we had a great time at the largest fan event in Arizona! We loved it. We didn’t have a booth this year, but were in the gaming space again. This year the gaming space changed locations but my team went with the flow as always and did great with the new area. We ran Battle Gnomes, Book Collectors, Nocturnes, and House Monsters. We kept the number of games limited but players enjoyed their experiences as always.

I had a chance to represent Branum Games in four panels this year. I love to share the experiences I’ve had with potential designers. I did a Kickstarter panel with Charlie Bink,¬†game designer of Trekking the National Parks. We also did a game design panel which went over well. I had different panels with my artists. One was about artwork in gaming, a popular panel. I was there as a resource but it was mostly their panel (Emma Lysyk & Jeff Perryman). We also did the panel Jobs in Gaming, another useful and interesting one. Panel videos should be posted by the end of the summer to the Branum Games YouTube channel.

There were no hiccups; everyone showed up, ran the games. It was fun. The format of the convention was slightly different with increased security but that can only be considered a good thing. Entry and exit was much easier and faster. We’ll continue attending this event in the years to come.

Update. This convention in the future will now be Phoenix Fan Fusion.

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