Battle Gnomes

Game Concept:
This neighborhood looks pleasant to outsiders, but this is actually a place of rivalry and turf wars. Inside each home is a gnome household vying for control of the block! Each player controls several gnomes intent on battle for neighborhood control. You’ll pick out your gnomes, arm them, and fortify your yard to find out if you have what it takes to be the top gnome household. At the end of the game, whoever has the most defeated gnomes set aside has shown their might and wins!

In this fun card game, players recruit available gnomes and then arm them with items from the yard or the house. Then you use battle items and action cards to battle the other players for gnome glory! It’s funny, unique, and super cute.

Artwork by Erik Vinal and Patrick Crone
Player deck backs by Barry Pike III

The official website for this game is at 

Latest Update:
The Kickstarter is funded, and the games are out to our backers! The game is now available on Amazon for the public.

Game Cards:

More About Gnomes

When gnomes aren’t battling for gnome glory, they are not above playing pranks on each other, and on humans. This includes moving things around, replacing items, and stealing or breaking things just to elicit a response. Humans usually see this occurrences as natural forces such as weather condition changes. Humans often find their tools over used or even unexpectedly broken, perhaps because of an exceptionally violent gnome battle, but the idea of it being the gnomes is a little much for them to handle.

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