Plans and Panels

Plans and Panels

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Phoenix Comic Fest is coming up, and I am planning to attend the annual event. It has a new Gaming Director and the area will be different than the team is used to. I may not always attend since I no longer live in Arizona, but this year I’ll definitely be going and representing what I’ve done so far. Although things have been slower lately, I want to keep the name, brand, and games in people’s minds especially for when my next Kickstarter goes live. I am hoping it will be within months, but there are some things holding it up I have to resolve first. I just want to be prepared for it to be a thing.

Once again, I’ll be doing panels at the event. I enjoy panels because I love presenting useful information to those looking to soak up information. I have attended a lot of panels to learn more about what I’m doing, and the ones that can present tangible, useful strategies or the right kind of motivation are the best. Many panels are just about the panelists wanting to hear themselves talk. They don’t always think about what is useful or entertaining to the audience. It’s a very isolated thing to talk about a strategy one has used that can’t be extrapolated to a large group of listeners.

I am also going to be on the panels with a few other knowledgeable individuals. I prefer doing panels with others and have only done solo panels twice. One was a roundtable last summer at a smaller convention where about 10 of us gathered to discuss the topic (gender in games). Being so low key, that was great for me. The other solo panel I was in front of a small room of people so I pulled the chair closer to the audience. I provided my insights and we had a pretty extensive, and effective, q & a session. I love that I’ve done so much research about the gaming industry that even tactics I haven’t tried, I’m still familiar with them as options and can present those to others they may work better for.

For PCF, Phoenix Comic Fest, I have two panels that are related more to making games and have Charlie Bink with me. He’s another Arizona game designer. The other two panels are about art and jobs in the industry, and require people in positions different than mine to provide a different perspective so I have Emma Lysyk and Jeff Perryman on those. I enjoy all these individuals, so the panels should be a good time. I have some experience on discussing each of these topics in the past so that will be a fun piece of the upcoming convention I hope. Videos will posted on them online afterward.

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