Upcoming Events

September 9th-10th at Georgetown University in DC.
This two day tabletop convention includes tabletop games, roleplaying games, miniatures, CCGs, family areas, and designer events. The schedule is up online. Events are not yet posted for Branum Games yet. This event began in 2015 and has grown from 1 to 2 days since that time. Get more information about the event HERE.

Versus Gaming Con
September 16th at University of Delaware campus in Neward, Delaware.
This is a packed, day long gaming event. A full day of a variety of games. From scheduled games, demos and tournaments, to those available in the game library, this event includes all day activities. Specific involvement from Branum Games will be posted soon. Check out the event HERE.

Sept. 29th to Oct. 1st at the Sheraton Tucson in Tucson, Arizona.
This is a gaming convention in Tucson, Arizona. Every year, it has a new theme attached to it – changing it up, making it an exciting, ever-changing convention. It always has a strong gaming community attend. Check it out HERE.

Congress of Gamers
October 7th & 8th at the Rockville Senior Center in Rockville, Maryland
The inhabitants who play these games hailing from the District of Columbia, the state of Maryland, the commonwealth of Virginia and other points beyond, in the great and United States of America (the congress of gamers). This group has several events throughout the year. Check out more information HERE!

Save Against Fear
October 13th-15th at the Harrisburg Mall, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
Featuring 3 days of role playing, board, card, and dice games; workshops, panels, and live special events; vendors, demo agents, and community groups, we invite you to come geek out with us at the 7th Anniversary of Save Against Fear! Check out more information HERE!

November 2nd-5th at the Hyatt Regency Morristown in Morristown, New Jersey.
This is where hundreds of designers and publishers gather for hours of playtesting, demonstrations, seminars, panels, and discussions. Rather than having the gamemasters focus on the attendees, here the Players are there to focus on the Designers! It is unlike any of our other conventions, all tied together by the top-notch Double Exposure staff. Check out more information HERE!

November 4th. Located in Glendale, Arizona.
This is a one day event meant for gaming groups in the Valley.
More HERE!

PAX Unplugged
November 17th-19th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
This is an extension of Penny Arcade Expo but specifically designed for analog games! Branum Games is bringing several games to try out and panels to share with the Northeast public. A first time convention, BG is excited to be there for it’s inaugural year. Check out more HERE!

December 1st-3rd at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut.
This event is is an annual game convention that brings people together to have fun, build community and showcase new games. There are games of all types and each year they try to feature games with opportunities for creative storytelling and problem solving. You are also welcome to attend the convention without any advance scheduling. You can enjoy pick-up games, a wide assortment of RPGs, video games, card games and board games, and shop in the vendor area. Check out the event HERE.

February 17th-20th at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport in Los Angeles.
This StrategiCon event is dedicated to tabletop gaming. Enjoy RPGs, card and board games, tournaments, panels, anime, and our gaming flea market. This event is filled with a wide variety of games in a cozy location.
Check it out HERE.

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