Upcoming Events

WesterCon 70
July 1st-4th at Tempe Mission Palms in Tempe, Arizona
Also known as Canalope or LepreCon 43. This convention has been going for 43 years. A cool fact about this con is that this year’s theme is extraterrestrial! It celebrates 70 years ago when the Roswell crash happened (July 8th, 1947). We intend to bring Nocturnes and House Monsters to this fun, long-time event. Check out this event HERE.

August 5th & 6th at  in Phoenix Arizona.
This is a KickStarter supported gaming convention! We went in 2016 and got lots of excellent players and feedback for Battle Gnomes. This year, we’ll be going back with Battle Gnomes and House Monsters! It’s a great, comfortable event, and if you’re interested in attending you can support the annual KickStarter each spring for a badge. You can follow HERE to keep tabs on this event.

Game on Expo
August 11th-13th at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona.
This convention includes all kinds of gaming: arcade games, roleplaying, tabletop, and videogames. This is a highly inclusive event for all kinds of game lovers. It also encourages cosplay, and has events like the game auction. More HERE!

September 1st-4th at the Sheraton Downton Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona.
This is a fun, colorful anime convention! Branum Games attended with 2 tables in 2016 and had a blast. We went with Battle Gnomes. With an adventurous, creative crowd, we were thinking it would be a good audience, and it worked out well. Going again this year, we plan to showcase Battle Gnomes again, and House Monsters. Both are bright, colorful games I’m confident the anime fans will enjoy. Check the event out HERE.

September 8th-10th at The Westgate in Las Vegas, Nevada
This seems like an exciting opportunity to network with other game designers. This is a business gaming convention, combined with public feedback. The focus is on independent game developers, which is great for Branum Games! Check it out HERE.

Sept. 29th to Oct. 1st at the Sheraton Tucson in Tucson, Arizona.
This is a gaming convention in Tucson, Arizona. Every year, it has a new theme attached to it – changing it up, making it an exciting, ever-changing convention. It always has a strong gaming community attend. Check it out HERE.

Thrill Halloween
Sept. 30th – Oct. 1st at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona.
This a Halloween themed convention! There will be vendors with a variety of fun, Halloween inspired items and goods to show you. There are also presentations and events to enjoy, with the spirit of the spooky holiday in mind. We plan to bring our game House Monsters, for the cuter side of Halloween, and of course Nocturnes which is a bit more scary. More HERE!

Nov. 10th-12th at the Radisson Hotel Tuscon in Tucson, Arizona.
This is a long-running science fiction convention. It also embraces gaming, cosplay, artwork, steampunk, and guest panels. With a variety of entertainment, we’ll be there showcasing our games. More HERE!


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