Mission Statement

“The mission of Branum Games is to create thoughtful, thematic games that inspire the consumers to think and act strategically while being entertained by an encompassing theme. We seek to intrigue, engage, and educate game players from all backgrounds.”

Branum Games produces tabletop games for a wide audience of players. These games are often colorful, funny, and highly thematic, lasting around an hour. We have several card, board, and tile-based games. Our first published game, Battle Gnomes, was funded in 2016, and there is a line up of games to be Kickstarted over the next 18 months. We demo these to increase gamer familiarity and our growing fan base.

You can keep up with regular updates, and support the company, by liking the Facebook page or following us on Twitter. We also post our videos on our YouTube Channel.

You can also read about the game designer, artists, and support team on this site!

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