Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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As we optimistically¬†enter another year for the company, we have focused on setting up certain goals listed below. Our plans are mostly in flux, since my living situation is in limbo. Some great options exist, and now I’m working to get the best one. However, it does put our specific timeline on hold. We do know what we’d like to be a part of this year if time and funds permit. Even doing decent, as an indie business each event and promotional method is costly and may not be effective for the company’s success.

2018 Goals:
House Monsters Kickstarter campaign
– Game is complete
– Some reviews are in; can use more
РMarketing  is the big thing necessary for this
Complete Nocturnes, Steam Masters, and Book Collectors
– Nocturnes was considered done but now undergoing changes. New art desired.
– Steam Masters primarily waiting on artwork
– Book Collectors minor edits and potential artwork
Pursue a Battle Gnomes open distribution channel
– Currently using Amazon and conventions for sales
– Distribution would increase store options
Make the YouTube channel useful and consistently upload videos
– Add footage from before not currently up
– Create new insights into both game creation and company maintenance
Review, improve, and expand the brand
– Review company goals and align games with those better
– Expand brand awareness outside of the current fanbase

I wanted to share these with people for a few reasons. First, I like people seeing the process. As we grow, it’s nice to tell a story about that growth. Second is to reinforce to current followers that we’re continuing to make progress, create goals, and do more in the upcoming year.

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