Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!

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Moved again across country! It makes entrepreneurship challenging, to say the least.

I am posting this brief update. There are very few changes to announce; a couple games have stalled because artists have dropped, and making new arrangements is actually very difficult. The artwork might be the most challenging piece of being a game designer. As for Battle Gnomes, I have copies left that are being sold on Amazon. I would like to move it into distribution, but I’d have to update the artwork and graphic design. I just have to make sure I have the best artistic situation for it.

Since I’ve moved three times in the last year, keeping on top of progress has been especially hard. I have my day job, and of course Branum Games. I plan to hit the reset button on pushing forward new games and cleaning up my first one.

Those are in the works. For now, BG is still up and good to go, with future updates possible. New games will hopefully emerge within the next few months once I’m settled and artwork is optimized. More info out soon, probably after our next big show. Phoenix Comic Fest always rejuvenates me and the company.

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