Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

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Near the end of each year things get quieter on several levels for Branum Games. Primarily, we don’t do as many events to demo and sell the games, artists become busier with family and friend events, and social media promotion takesĀ  small a hit in favor of the season. I enjoy not moving as fast, this like what summer break is for teenagers. It’s important to regroup.

I have still kept busy, if not quite as busy. In fact, we’ve sold more games from Amazon with the holiday season. That has been an exciting bump in numbers that I’m happy to keep up. Promotion after the new year will need some work, but I have some time to make 2018 plans for that.

I also enjoyed donating games to a variety of charities including: Kids Need to Read, the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and Sunshine Acres Orphanage. That was a fun part of my holidays. Each group seemed a bit surprised; I was surprised it hadn”t happened more for them. Games and kids seem like an obvious match.

A unique experience I got during this time was being part of an educational video for kids. One of my GMs reached out to me about participating in a video series where several career paths were highlighted, and this one was specifically for doing game design. I was informed it was for 8th graders in California.

Happy Holidays, I’ll be in touch after the New Year!

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