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For the last four days I’ve been at WesterCon/LepreCon/CONflagration/Conalope.

It has a long name for a reason. So, WesterCon 70 combined with LepreCon 43, which also combined with CONflagration which is on it’s 7th year. Conalope is the name of this particular WesterCon event and is specific to the theme of the event, which is celebrating the alien landing in Roswell, NM. You with me so far? Excellent.¬†¬†Something special about this event is that it was at the location of my very first convention, 14 years ago. Now that I’m leaving the state, it’s a bit poetic that I end my tour here at that location. It’s also an event similar to the one I started with (HexaCon).

So I went to this event with just one GM, Jonathan Jackson. He killed it, he was incredibly helpful and a champ throughout the weekend. We just showed up Saturday and Sunday and ran games throughout. It wound up being for not just the attendees, but also for GMs and staff. I loved the chance to show them the games too. On Monday night, I was able to come to run a round table discussion, same with Tuesday morning. Both times I wasn’t sure if people would attend, and both times I was mistaken. There was solid discussion in both situations. There’s no video of it; it wasn’t that kind of panel/discussion. It was intimate, and I enjoyed delving into the topics. They were: Male versus female oriented games, and RPGs versus tabletop games.

Overall, the convention was great for us, and I think people there enjoyed trying out the games and discussing things in our round tables. It was motivating for me to proceed in setting up for other conventions coming up, some with organizers from this event. While WesterCon is a traveling event and will be in Colorado next year, I hope to attend again and continue supporting the conventions such as LepreCon and Conflagration.

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