House Monsters

House Monsters

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For this last month we had aimed for an October Kickstarter run of the game House Monsters. The video we had was super cute, and I thought the page itself was simple but charming. Unfortunately, we did have a couple of delays in starting the KS process. I also noticed before we began our Kickstarter that there had been a few monster games popping up. I get it, right time of year and all. I just wonder if we hit the scene a little late.

Regarding the Kickstarter, I had determined that the timing was wrong. Even if it had funded, it wouldn’t be at the level I was hoping for. We’d be shipping out a couple hundred copies while having a few thousand to contend with based on manufacturing details. I have decided to postpone both the Kickstarter and the manufacturing of the game for the time being.

We may aim to do a Kickstarter for this game in the spring after some more promotion or we will find another avenue. I am comfortable with this decision. Nothing had been resting on this financially yet so postponing will not cause concern. I want to consider the best strategy for this game.

There is a little bit of disappointment to postponing a Kickstarter or beginning any process and realizing it either isn’t what you are certain you want, or that you need to do it different. My process for House Monsters must be either modified or improved on. I’ll be considering it and keeping an eye on the situation moving forward.

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