Upcoming Phoenix Comicon!

Upcoming Phoenix Comicon!

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The biggest show for us of the year is coming up! It’s not a gaming specific show, but gamers in Arizona who go to conventions usually go to this one, along with a lot of people who have other hobbies and might be interested in what we have to offer. Phoenix Comicon is a fun, huge show and we have had a lot of support from them and their attendees.

This year, we’ll have 3 gaming tables in the Hyatt to demo the games at instead of 2. This means 1 more gaming table for us to play games at! I have 8 GMs this year instead of the 6 from last year, and scheduled more breaks for the tables. This year, we will play 3 games that we played from last year (Battle Gnomes, Nocturnes, and Book Collectors). We will also be playing House Monsters which is a completed game, and there are two games we are bringing specifically as prototypes. This means we will be seeking feedback from the game players regarding game play. These are Steam Masters and Dungeon Break.

Exhibitor Table
I also have an Artist’s Alley table that came up unexpectedly. It was given up by another, and they offered it to me. Next year I’ll get my own. The downside is that the original recipient has been getting the emails, and will be in the program book. I’ve still been getting the information, but the program book listing would have been nice. Next year we will definitely get one of our own. Now, I am still waiting on games to arrive but they should be here next week. The event is next week; so, I may get them before the event or during the event. I haven’t made promises to anyone about selling games at the event, because I don’t have them yet in hand. I hope that can happen. Otherwise, it’s a promo table and we optimize the use of it.

I’m so excited about our three panels this year. All are on Thursday. They aren’t specific to Branum Games, but I wanted to make sure we sponsored a few gaming panels and share what we’ve learned:

Artists in the Gaming Industry. Thursday May 25th. 10:30am.
Hosted by: Branum Games Artists.
Panelists: Jeff Perryman, Emma Lysyk, & Erik Vinal

How to be  Grunt: Gaming Staff. Thursday May 25th. 1:30pm.
Hosted by: Branum Games Staff.
Panelists: Corey Stillwell, Whitney Stillwell, Tim Aldridge, and Shawn Dempsey.

Careers in the Gaming Industry. Thursday May 25th 3pm.
Hosted by: Branum Games & Magic Meeple Games.
Panelists: Tiffany Branum, Jeff Perryman, and Patricia Stedman

After PHXCC is over, I’ll post updates and of course I’ll upload pictures on social media. I hope that supporters will come to our panels or play our games; I love seeing people who enjoy what we do! I’m super excited, I’ll post after the con!

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