I read a book

I read a book

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So lately, a lot of what I’ve been doing includes research. That’s been for the last year, but it just occurred to me that I have no idea how many hundreds of articles I’ve read and videos I’ve seen so far. I still glean new things, so that’s important.

Since the updates from the last blog, I took a trip to Louisiana that was fairly time-consuming. In my spare time, I did manage to read a book that prompted a lot of ideas and plans. I brainstormed a couple dozen pages of new material that I plan to incorporate in what I do. Some of it was evaluating the themes I want for my games. There were several things that I think are crucial to games. Just an example,  creating a compelling theme is crucial in my opinion. Otherwise, it’s just “here’s a card with a number, and it overrides your card with a number.” Although that’s what is happening, with a theme players can think critically while enjoying themselves, rather than feeling like they’re taking a test.

The book itself had several holes in it, typos, and concepts I didn’t entirely agree with. I kept reading and being frustrated with the repetition of the author, almost putting the book down, but then I would come across a piece that stimulated a useful thought process in me. It’s interesting how that worked out so I just kept reading. But yes, read a book, wrote down ideas. Have done things since returning to Phoenix, mostly following up with people and solidifying Kickstarter plans.

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