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Game Depot – Guest Blog

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Denise MacIntyre

I ran the Game Depot gaming event for Tiffany Branum because she was out of town. Ran meaning that I asked other GMs to show up and help play games.  I also picked up the game and swag supplies (buttons and lip balm) and set up the table.

The store hours are 10-7 on Saturdays, but we were scheduled 11-6 for their “Let’s Play More Games” event.  I got there about 10:30 to set up and was almost immediately asked about each of the games: the premise, how many people it’s for, and the optimum number of players for each game.  Once set up, our table had people playing at least one game pretty much the entire time.  Battle Gnomes was expectedly very popular, and we ran at least two games each of Nocturnes, Parks, and Book Collectors.  I took pictures throughout the day whenever I got a chance and posted them to our Twitter and Instagram accounts and in our Facebook event page.  If you’re not following us on social media, you’re missing out!

The people seemed to really enjoy the games.  They gave us feedback on the games and occasionally hilarious commentary.  Two quotes in particular stood out for me, and they’re both related to Nocturnes.  When setting up the game, one player wearing all black with black nail polish chose the black game marker because “It’s black like my soul.”  Also when the “Burning Alive” tile was placed another player commented that it reminded him of Mary Winchester from the tv show Supernatural.  Both of these made the table laugh and I’m glad they enjoyed the macabre humor in the game.

Overall it was a great experience.  The store owners, Dave and Patty, were very friendly and accommodating.  Patty wore one of our buttons and kept bringing people to our tables to play the games!  She was a great promoter for us throughout the day and I’d love to go back there and do this again sometime.

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