One Week to Kickstarter!

One Week to Kickstarter!

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One Week Countdown

We’re now at 6 days away from the Kickstarter launch. I’ve submitted some edits to the game, but every time I work on it I think of the amount of time spent on promoting the game, running demo events, and setting up the Kickstarter. I’ve spent so much time and energy on those things when the focus is this game I’ve created and want people to like. Now, I’m working to make sure people like the Kickstarter. I know this route is better for me than any other, but I do want to talk about how nuanced it is even if it isn’t as layered as some other methods of getting a product out.

It’s like I’ve setup a party inside of a house, but to get people in the house I have to get the word out about a party they may like. Then I need to provide them clear directions. Once they decide to go, there needs to be exterior décor so they want to enter the house when they show up. Then I have to make the foyer attractive and appealing so they stay and enjoy the food. And as a host, I want to make everyone feels welcomed. There are so many layers! Here, please be interested in this thing I’m doing. Interested? Great! Now that you’re interested, I’m going to route you over to this crowdfunding page (Kickstarter) that lets you support this thing being made! If I got you to go to Kickstarter, I hope you’ll read through mine. Now, last step, please pick a reward you like so I can potentially reward you for financially supporting my game startup. Yay!

I can see why self-publishing is such a challenge, because other than promotion of getting the game out there, I’m also balancing the manufacturing and shipping costs. I’m terrified I’m missing something, and sure that I am. But right now I feel like I’ve made the best possible decisions and just have to see who backs what reward and from where. That’s a huge part of it. Some places and rewards I would wind up making a few dollars to help fill in the gaping hole I’ve created so far working on all of this. Other places and rewards just break even, but I accept that because I want to get this out to the public and feel like that’s the bigger goal, and helps more with the bigger picture.

Further, I have a couple of approaches for after the Kickstarter completes but a lot hinges on the success of the Kickstarter. It’s also really hard to look that far in the future when I have so many pressing little things to monitor. A few people are able to assist me, and that’s great. At least on rough days I have that feeling of comradery. As I was saying though, my next steps are flexible depending on how this run goes. People need to like it, then I want to do a big run and have to see how many games I have afterward. Then I may go back to evaluating the manufacturing method depending, again, on how this goes large scale for this project. I can’t even think about this really for a little while longer. I have options, but just have to see where things are.

I feel like I am running behind on things but according to each “countdown til your launch” blog, I’m doing pretty well. One problem is that I’m losing energy. I can’t seem to sleep so great this week, probably the anxiety and my head space. I need to sleep and take care of myself, especially for when we launch. I also feel like I’m moving slowly. Digital images for promotion can take hours, along with emails and research. When you don’t see tangible results of the time you’ve spent doing something, it’s pretty disheartening and you have to remind yourself that not all progress can be readily quantified. I did go ahead and get someone to do Infographic headings and stretch goals for my Kickstarter instead of aiming to do it myself. Too often I try to do things myself and it takes longer than it needs to. However, there is of course the issue of cost for work. You just have to balance out what you crucially need to look nice, if you can realistically do it, and if you can pay someone else to do it instead. Do the things you can do, outsource the things you just can’t or the things you can’t do well that are critical to the project.

That’s essentially where I’m at right now; promoting, finalizing manufacturing costs, and sprucing up the Kickstarter page. I’m only partially looking to the future because there are so many variables right now I would be jumping the gun to make any assumptions about where things are gonna go. I’m optimistic but am going to put all of those thoughts aside. At least until we fund, then maybe I’ll look into those things again further. 6 days until go time; after that, we’ll just have to see what happens.

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