The good luck holiday

The good luck holiday

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March 17th


It’s St. Patrick’s Day and that’s cool. It doesn’t really feel like a holiday and I’m definitely more interested on what I’m doing. I haven’t submitted Battle Gnomes for a prototype yet, so that’s my main focus today. I have everything done but now it’s time to do another read through on all the rules and cards. I always find something that could be worded just a little bit cleaner or funnier. I know I could just submit it and play around with any changes later, but I want to get it as strong as I can before submission. I want the prototype to be solid so the feedback I get from people is not cluttered with tiny errors. I want to reduce the number of those occurrences so people can just focus on game play.


The result of being particular is that I’m working on this today, almost a week after my first anticipated submission date. I was upset about it at first, but now I’m resigned to submitting a better product to show people and garner support for it. I’m still excited for post submission. At that point, I wait for it to arrive and begin promotion of the game online. The game promotion will be something different. I’ve worked on several different pieces these last six months: game construction, artwork, editing, and graphic design. I look forward to doing something new and changing it up a bit. I’m intimidated by the marketing angle a bit, but I think once I get going it’ll feel comfortable.

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