Personal Transitions

Personal Transitions

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As the owner/game designer of Branum Games, I also work with several others to make things work out. I have Game Masters and artists and people that work with me to accomplish business goals/tasks. However, I generally am involved in each part of the process. At this time, I am going to be moving across the country to a state I have never been to, where I don’t have friends or connections. It sounds like a great place, Maryland, but I won’t have any footing for my company.

With that, I have to leave my company behind in Arizona. I won’t stop it, I’ll continue it and run it from Maryland. I have too many upcoming events, friends, fans, and options in Arizona to shift things. The plan is ultimately California, but I have all those same things in California. I can’t move everything to Maryland; that won’t make sense. Especially since it’s not a permanent move. This transition of mine will change how things are run for Branum Games. I’ll be delegating, but others on the team will be doing even more if all goes well. I think it should be fine, and they’re all prepared for what’s going on. But of course I’m nervous, and there will be plenty of unknown hurdles.

So far, I’ve scheduled GMs for each of this year’s remaining AZ events. Further, I have initiated three new GMs for us to train and work with. They seem great, and eager. Next, I have my product here accessible by team members I trust. I’ll bring enough with me to Maryland, but also leave plenty here for local events and promotion. I will also leave all GM and promo materials here since this is where my big events are, at least for the next year. We should be all set. It’s a lot to think about, all the moving pieces, but I think we’ve prepared for all the big things. I hope our ongoing supporters will continue to be awesome.

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