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We are a go!

I’ve got an account up on Amazon for Branum Games.We have Battle Gnomes up for sale and will proceed with putting up the other games as they are completed. I wanted to make sure it was accessible before blasting games out to reviewers. I don’t want a review out there, and interest, but not have the games available for purchase.

I also want Battle Gnomes where it needs to be prior to my next Kickstarter. So the current plan is: to now get the game in the hands of reviewers, continue bringing the games to places/conventions to get sold, talk to game stores about getting them in at this time, and ultimately get into distribution. I have an artist working on some visual updates for the game, and another working on turning into a mobile app. These things are longer term.

And with that, available for purchase and for all intents and purposes completed, Battle Gnomes is all set for the time being. I have other games and projects to focus on, while continuing to maintain this one moving forward. 🙂


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