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This is an interruption of Battle Gnomes the Kickstarter!

We are publishing the game Nocturnes. Now, we decided after the first two weeks of the Kickstarter to publish it through the Game Crafter INSTEAD of doing another Kickstarter, which at first glance may not make perfect sense. But let me explain.

I wanted it to be available for October of this year for Halloween. Also, the next best time for a Kickstarter is in the spring. I may not proceed with Kickstarters for each of my games. I plan to make the available on the Game Crafter and then mass publish so I can have them for events I am a part of. With a Kickstarter, etiquette says you should not provide the item (or game) to the public until getting all rewards to the public. I’d rather not hold out on other games like I had to do for Battle Gnomes. Kickstarter is not always, and not often the right choice.

For my first game it was perfect! It provided promotion for the game and the company. Moving forward I may try other avenues of promotion, and am still thrilled to have a successful Kickstarter completed. That’s my reasoning for not pushing the remaining games through via Kickstarter. That said, Nocturnes will be published for the public to purchase and play on October 1st! Just in time for the Halloween season!

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