Kickstarter Progress

Kickstarter Progress

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We are officially on Week 2 of the Kickstarter!

We’re currently 96% funded. I have finished the updates for submitting to manufacturing and have got no new suggestions yet from the backers about changes. I am going to restrict one of the levels; I should have done that pre-launch by limiting the number allowed, but changes were made just before the launch and it’s a little daunting to keep track of everything. Fortunately, I didn’t cause any errors that weren’t fixable with a clarification update and those were very few.

Since the launch, I’ve been reminded that there are other things on my plate. Other games and events coming up to plan for. I put forward a lot of publicity prior to the launch so I am mostly letting it run its course. I couldn’t do that without the help of Denise MacIntyre, my Social Media Manager. I still respond to direct questions and promo it a little bit each day but feel I’ve exhausted most places to promote to. I still have people who share on different media sites, and a few unexpected reviews/mentions on news sources, which is pretty exciting for us.

I’m eager for the Kickstarter to be done and the games in my possession to send out to people. Once it’s done too I can send to reviewers for “published” game reviews, which seem easier by far than pre-published games are. That’d be nice. That’s what’s up so far, I’ll keep folks posted.

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