Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

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The summer is off to a slow start. I mean, we did Phoenix Comicon which is huge, but after that is always a quiet time for us in Arizona. It’s nearly impossible to get much interest even from the most dedicated to the cause. So, I always wait a few weeks before really getting things underway. We have several upcoming conventions and my current task is to assign GMs to events I can’t go to.

I am moving out of the state, but now we have product and too many good opportunities locally to not make a showing. I’ll begin having GMs going to events without me. To get bigger as a company, this is clearly necessary. As mentioned, GMs in all areas would be AWESOME. Gotta get to that point though, and I guess letting go here helps.

Right now, we have several events coming up and a KickStarter. Of course, as mentioned things are very quiet on all fronts as people rest from the biggest convention for us of the year. I did get together post-con with the group for some down time and a pool party. Otherwise, I gotta let them hang for a bit. Then I’ll start back full force on the plans. That’s where it’s all at right now. Various pieces are in the air, and everything just feels very slow. It’ll pick up, I’m sure. Always does.

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