Kickstarter Completion

Kickstarter Completion

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Battle Gnomes 2016 Kickstarter

I have to say, I am so very excited about wrapping this up. I was able to get several individuals their games during Phoenix Comicon; and right now, others have games on the way to them. I am almost completely done fulfilling the obligations of the Kickstarter and my promises to the backers, six months later. It is not long for a Kickstarter, but it is longer than I wanted.

I am considering doing another Kickstarter soon, now that I know the pitfalls and can expedite things. I hope I don’t lose the faith of the backers from the first Kickstarter because the product came in later than I anticipated. I know for Kickstarter it is pretty good to only be a couple months late, but it’s not what I wanted and I hope to predict my timeframes better. I am determined to be reliable for people who are supportive.

For now, I’ll wrap this project up and start preparing for the next. Kickstarter is a great way to get capital for game production so it seems a useful next step on a few of the other games. We’ll see what happens with timing and specifics; I’ll be in touch online. I know one thing, once everyone has their rewards it’ll be a sigh of relief.


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