2017 – Our Plans!

2017 – Our Plans!

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I have been evaluating plans for 2017.

Last year was very exciting, and I’m thinking this one will be just as exciting if not more. Here I have provided several of the current goals and plans for this year. I hope supporters will stick with us as we try to make this a long-lasting game company.

  • Let’s start with old business. I  have my attention still on getting the Kickstarter backers their Battle Gnomes game copies before working on getting it into a main distribution channel. It is still in manufacturing mode, and once that is completed, I will send copies to various reviewers to gain traction. I will bring copies to Phoenix Comicon and other events, but the goal is to get the game attention and into stores.
  • Regarding the other 3 games that were published in 2016, my goal is to get them into distribution as possible. Each one (Nocturnes, Book Collectors, and Parks) has a potentially different audience, and I will get them in front of those audiences for promotional purposes. With Battle Gnomes in stores, I may have better chances of getting another game in once Gnomes sells well.
  • A Kickstarter for the game House Monsters will happen after backers of Battle Gnomes get their games. Hopefully we can complete the Kickstarter by May.
  • Prototype games. We have 2 other games in prototype stages: Dungeon Break and Steam Masters. We are still evaluating if we want to release them either through crowdfunding or other channels. These need to be playtested further, completed, and reviewed before proceeding.
  • Promotion and brand awareness. I do want people to be aware of both the company and the games. I am going to increase awareness with videos about our game creation and playtesting process. I will also be doing this by getting games to reviewers and blog sites.
  • GM and support expansion. I would like more GMs, and not necessarily just in Arizona. I can send gamers copies of the game to demo locally, either at their stores or local gaming events. I’ll be reaching out to those who have shown that kind of an interest and setting up methods of organizing a GM group structure beyond the group I currently work with.
  • Limited events for myself. I will be at Phoenix Comicon and a few other events, but maybe not as many, and not until I have more product. We learned last year that attending events was great for info gathering, but it’s an expensive hobby. We’ll keep people posted on what we do attend this year, though it will likely be much more exciting a calendar in the years to come.

Those are our big plans for 2017! Please stick with us and support us. I believe if this year goes as well as planned, the company should be around for some time. Thanks!

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