Nocturnes and Battle Gnomes

Nocturnes and Battle Gnomes

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March 12th


I played a few games of Nocturnes with friends the other day. There was a lot of laughing and it was fun. For such a dark game, it had surprisingly funny moments throughout. It’s great seeing people’s reaction to the description of the game and to the game itself.


This week, since getting the Nocturnes prototype back, I’ve been trying to finish up the graphics for a Battle Gnomes prototype submission. That’s the one I’m going to Kickstart first. Someone asked me yesterday how the games were going and commented they hadn’t heard much in a while. It’s true, until I get the prototypes back I’m not being as vocal about the games as I could be. I just want to be prepared, and I want to have answers to questions and the ability to fully commit to social media about the games. Once I submit for Battle Gnomes, that’s four submitted prototypes and I’ll feel better about being more vocal and making others aware of the details of these games.


Time is flying intimidatingly fast. I spend a lot of time focused on details. I’ll show someone two different looks and they may not actually notice any difference at all, but I do. I hope that it’s just a perfectionist thing that leads to positive results rather than an obsessive compulsion to have an exact look that is just unnecessarily time-consuming. Time will tell the value of being so scrutinizing.

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