First podcast and progress

First podcast and progress

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Been a long two week since I posted something!

I’m trying to keep up on the blog, but it’s hard to do when much of my progress is “Oh, I made that a stronger rule” or “that feedback was great, changing this piece of the puzzle.” Also, delays. Everything about this process takes longer than I want it to and that is so nerve wracking. I recognize that it’s to be expected, but that doesn’t mean I won’t do my best to stay on this self-imposed track.

So, I was on a podcast earlier this week with Circuit 42. The moderator, Ian, is a real nice guy who loves fandom of all kinds. I’ve talked to him before and I always enjoy talking to him regarding gaming. Still, I get nervous talking about myself or my products. It’s something I have to work on, but his friendly demeanor made me feel comfortable. I’m an outgoing person but once it comes to talking about something that I’ve done, I sound pretty clumsy to myself. It was still pretty exciting because it was the best way to start the promotion of my game, outside of social media, because it was with someone who is pretty laid back, and familiar to me.

The Kickstarter is a month away and the game is done. Unfortunately, I don’t have the copies here yet. I went from getting them on May 4th to May 13th and that is scary. If I want reviews, I’ll have to overnight these to reviewers and hope a few are sympathetic (or bored) enough to do the reviews in that 3 week period. I want reviews, I enjoy my game, locals enjoy my game, and I believe reviewers will too. They also have audiences that I don’t have. I’ve gone down every route so far to really legitimize my work – taking it seriously as a game designer and business owner. Having external feedback is one crucial way of saying “I’m not afraid of what people thing because I believe in what I have, and you should too.” Well, that and of course they have their own audiences that I’d like to reach.

So that’s where I am. Waiting on final(ish) game copies, reaching out to reviewers, maintaining the promotion aspect, and something we didn’t discuss here is working on Kickstarter and convention items. I’ll save the latter for a different blog. Wish me luck!

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