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Right now I’m focused on setting up timelines for things. That includes timelines for promoting the game in various ways, online and at specific local events.

The biggest upcoming event that I’ve been preparing for is Phoenix Comicon. I have 5 Game Masters running my games at the show, so I am taking time out to make sure they know how to play the games they’re each running. I had to nix one of the five games. It won’t be ready in time and I was really upset over cancelling the demo games of it. The other four have nice prototypes ready from the Game Crafter, and can be cleaned up in time for the show. But if I’m being honest with myself. Dungeon Break just isn’t strong enough to complete, edit, and also teach my GMs well enough to demo it themselves. I’d have to spend ALL of my time in the next two months focused on finishing it and I have too many other small things to do. Once I dropped that part of the project, I made a bit of time in my schedule and can now do everything necessary to prepare for both Phoenix Comicon and the Kickstarter.

Of course the Kickstarter is another thing I’m on a timeline for, the primary thing actually. I’d say PCC is secondary, there to support the KS, but takes place first chronologically. I’m in the up the process of making sure this is ready to ship once the Kickstarter ends. Having the rewards and manufacturing of everything already setup, so I can just say “go” once the KS is done. I’m in that process. Some of those projects are in process or not even begun yet. I want to make sure whoever backs mine gets their game ASAP so that the general public can enjoy it faster and so I can move forward with other games. I’m confident that people experience a game or two, they’ll be even more interested in the others.

Other plans include going to local game nights, getting a video together, sending Battle Gnomes off to reviewers, and setting up for conventions that aren’t PCC (since the schedule for that has now been setup). I’m planning on gong to Gamex, a Las Angeles Strategicon convention at the end of May, two weeks before the Kickstarter. Looking into those plans currently. So, now I have┬áless than two months ago to the established Kickstarter date and a long list of things still to do.

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