Book Collectors

Book Collectors

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Today was the publishing of Book Collectors!

You can find it on the Game Crafter. It’s a game about book collecting and trading. These are actual, valuable books that would be of interest to those who are bibliophiles, or book collectors. Those who enjoy books or set collection games will enjoy it immensely. The component I enjoy the most is the trading aspect. You have to be smart about trading something for another. Get what will help your collection, without allowing your opponent to win. But if you never trade at all, you are less likely to win! It’s definitely got that piece of strategy in it.

I consider this a “soft publish” because I want to make it available to the public but didn’t do any heavy promotion with it. I plan to do significantly more, but as games complete, I just want them published and made known on any level possible. I’ll flesh out my plans for this game, but did not want to keep it waiting on the shelf until then. I’m excited to have it out there, my third completed, published game!

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