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Guest Blog: My 2016 Experience with BG

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Branum Games is an amazing company to work for.  In the past year I have helped test games, given input on production, and attended many conventions.  The company has also helped me to travel.  I have also learned some of the inner workings of a game company.

Prior to working with Branum Games, I had never been to a convention.  This past year has been amazing for me as I have been to three with the company!  I have met many amazing people and introduced them to the amazing games that have been produced.  It is an amazing feeling to see someone enjoy a game that you helped bring to fruition.

As for production, I have been able to voice my opinions and help with advice on art.  Branum Games has a dedicated site where all of the testers, game masters, and other designated support staff can view and give their opinions on games, art, rules, etc.  It has been nice to know that my opinions are heard and seeing little pieces of games and being able to say “That part there was me!”.

As a person with a disability, I am homebound most of the time.  Branum Games has given me the opportunity to get out more often.  Plus, some of the time it is on trips to places and events that I otherwise wouldn’t have known about or gone to!  As I continue to work with the company, I hope to learn of other events and get the opportunity to attend them while supporting these amazing games!

This past year, on a personal level, was hectic.  Working with Branum Games has been a great source of pride and a stress reliever.  The people I have worked with and have met are amazing and fun!  I hope to continue working with this company for many years to come!

  • Branum Games Head GM Corey Stillwell

Guest Blog: Holiday Party Review

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The first annual Branum Games Holiday Party was held on December 12th. It was hosted at The Spaghetti Factory in Chandler, AZ and brought together the founder, GM’s, game reviewers, and artists, most of whom hadn’t met previously. I didn’t really know what to expect because this was the first Branum Games Holiday Party, and I’d never attended a company holiday party before. We were given gifts from Tiffany, the founder, and I ate the chocolate that very night.

We also got to see for the first time the prototype of Dungeon Break, the new game being released this year. Everyone was excited to see it and seemed pleased with the result. I was especially excited because it’s Branum Games’ first board game. Battle Gnomes, Book Collectors, and Parks are all card games, and Nocturnes is a tile game, so I was pleased to see the expansion into another type of tabletop game.

I enjoyed chatting with friends and making new ones with the artists and game reviewers I hadn’t previously met. It’s a strange experience to meet a person you’ve only seen on YouTube. The Chews Smart guys were very nice as were their wives and we shared a few laughs. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I look forward to working with the team in 2017.

  • Denise MacIntyre

Parks! Published!

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I published parks on this date because it is complete except for a few graphic art design details, and I made the promise to publish a copy on this date. I plan to update the graphic design but I am not yet sure how I want it to look.

I am occasionally considered stubborn for doing the things I say I will do, but I am determined to be reliable in that way. I did complete 4 attractive, playable games in 2016 and that is really cool. I’ll work to improve each of them over time but Parks is the only one that I currently see needs any kind of real attention.

I was asked why I didn’t do a Kickstarter for Parks and Book Collectors. Honestly, I love these little games but I know they really will have a niche following rather than what I see as a widespread one. Even though, among players Book Collectors has found a shocking following. Still, if I can just publish and produce the games I will. Kickstarter will be more beneficial for games requiring larger components or that will have a larger target audience when entering the market. That way I can get the funds necessary for a mass production.

Parks is just really fun to watch kids play. I mean, I will play and enjoy it. But watching little ones play it and look at the cards with such interest is a delight. I hope to get it around to schools and perhaps children centers eventually. That would be very cool.

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