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Kickstarter Success!

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Battle Gnomes was a success – we funded and are eagerly looking forward to getting the backers their specialty items. Some items will never be seen after the first production run, making them special for the backers. That’s great though, I think the backers deserve that. These are the folks who supported me the most and each person there has a special place in my heart. I’m very moved by the support I’ve received, by people who are excited about the game and those who are excited to see me living this dream.

I also was impressed and pleased with the number of people who publicized the Kickstarter and the game during and before the Kickstarter. I’m grateful to that. I’ve regularly had people ask me about the game success as a result of the Kickstarter. I’m glad I got the backers and was funded successfully, essentially being able to fund the initial production run. Another important thing that I gained from this was promotion of the game so that people later on will have heard of it. It has happened every time I’ve gone to a social gathering, gaming event, or party. Various people know about it and have questions. That’s going to be so helpful moving forward.

Right now is production time – and I appreciate all the support received from people on Battle Gnomes. It was an excellent learning experience, and opportunity for Branum Games. 🙂

Nocturnes Published!

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We have published our spooky, Halloween thematic game, Nocturnes!

It is a game about going insane (or rather, trying to avoid it). Good news though, you can drive your friends insane with terrifying nightmares! Or at least, that’s part of the goal. Because it is so applicable to the dark, scary themes of Halloween, I wanted to make sure it is available during the month of October!

It can be purchased at the Game Crafter! In 2017 I plan to have physical copies for people to purchase. For now, this is the fastest and most efficient method of getting the game to those eagerly awaiting it. We hope you all enjoy it, and we’ll be finishing up a couple other games for this year. Keep following and you will see!

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